[ANN][WEB] Webchain⚡️CPU mining⚡️DApps via Websites and IoT - No ICO or ASIC

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[ANN][WEB] Webchain⚡️CPU mining⚡️DApps via Websites and IoT - No ICO or ASIC

Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:47 am


Webchain is a web-mineable blockchain platform that makes the most of the unused CPU resources of internet-connected devices to secure Smart-Contract-powered DApps. This is done by registering public transactions through an egalitarian Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism based on CryptoNight, which uses the community of website users as the low-impact processing grid for applications.

Through Webchain, the use of smart contracts becomes more mainstream, acknowledging the huge benefits that decentralized apps can offer to today’s economy.

Below are some of the features that it entails:
  • Web minable.
  • Only public, transparent and traceable transactions, a condition that guarantees a botnet unfriendly network.
  • Fast transactions with possible off-chain solutions and on-chain scaling via sharding.
  • Constantly upgraded to remain ASIC resistant.
For further information about how you can get started, feel free to follow the guide.

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