Feelium’s New and Updated Website Launch

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Feelium’s New and Updated Website Launch

Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:48 am

“Progress is impossible without change” – George Bernard Shaw
On June 29, 2018, Feelium’s revamped website was launched to accommodate advanced options and increased traffic.
Feelium is a cryptocurrency with high utility value; in other words, Feelium is a ‘Token’. In addition to being a tradable digital asset, Feelium can be used to facilitate smart contracts and escrow services on the Feelium platform.
Feelium’s entire platform is based on blockchain technology; a decentralized, distributed online ledger. Blockchain technology is known as the 4th greatest technological invention since the Internet. Cryptocurrencies are stored and distributed on the blockchain database. In fact, the technology can be used to store and transact anything of value.
The technology is reliable, secure and consensus-based; every authorized member on the blockchain network will be able to review and validate transactions occurring on the network. Blockchain technology, being distributed, removes the need for trust among transacting parties and the parties themselves can be separated geographically.
The Feelium digital currency is hosted on blockchain technology and the platform’s smart contracts and escrow services operate on the technology, too.

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