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Autobot B6 is an automated trading system with an extended set of functions, time-tested and maximally adjusted for trading on the stock exchange poloniex.com Oh? The bot uses the averaging algorithm, placing a grid of orders for the specified number of orders you need to set, and after the operation of these orders puts up for sale.If the pair falls, it moves the sell order lower due to the set of volume(martingale) specified by you in the settings. Thus, we can earn on the growth and fall of the pair, gaining a larger volume of the first order, and on the rebound - sell, getting more profit.The bot also has the option of expanding the order grid, with the growth of the pair for the selected period from [5m,15m,30m,1H,4h,24h,48h, 1W], which significantly helps to stretch your Deposit when the pair falls without becoming a "hamster". And so you have to understand that the bot is all th only assistant, much depends on you and the settings with which you run the bot.
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