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Dear friends!
PoloniexBot update released
Changes in the new version of PoloniexBot

1. Fixed calculation of profit in #Seller algorithm. Now you have a choice of where to record the profit from the cycle by #Seller. And fixed not correct calculation of % profit, now everything will be considered correct to the accuracy of each Satoshi.
2. In the settings of the algorithm #Seller, a new check mark "Reduce the average price". If it is, then the profit from the cycle Seller will go to a decrease in the average price. If not, it will be a real profit without reducing the average price. By default, this check mark is for everyone!
3. We are ready to open a trade on the #Kukoin exchange. And now this exchange is available for everyone in an experimental version. Unfortunately, due to the wrong API #Kukoin there are the following shortcomings in the exchange:
3.1 sometimes it is possible to skip sell orders and because of this, incorrect calculation by the Seller algorithm and not only. It's rare, but possible.
3.2 the Exchange works with districts on purchased and sold coins. By this at the end of the cycles #Buyer and #Seller you can remain on the balance of a small number of coins that will be automatically taken into account in the next cycles.
3.3 it is possible sometimes at the end of the Seller algorithm, incorrect calculation of the number of coins to sell, which can lead to the inability to put the last sell order. This is a simple recovery procedure using the Seller algorithm.
4. Due to the correction logic automated trading has a new status, which is especially important for exchange #Kukoin. This condition is relevant on all exchanges and is designed specifically to ensure that automatic trading can not be started several times in a row with the wrong parameters.. In other words: if you have too small amount of the first order, then auto-trading on the coin can not be started and then you will receive a certain SMS in telegrams, and will be able to see this pair in a certain state, when trading is not really performed. Then, after looking at the log, you will be able to assess the reason why the trade was not started.
5. Starting from the current version, the "end manual trading" check box in the auto trading section applies only to those coins that are on the white list. Thus, it is possible to adjust which coins do not need to complete the trade automatically.
6. Bag fix

Download the latest version here: version: Download Bot beta: Download

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