EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner v0.3 0.3

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EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner v0.3 0.3

Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:16 am

It is based in one of the fastest equihash miners with updated and integrated new functions. In this release, the parameter "solver" has been disabled, integration for equihash 200.9 has been removed, but the equivalents 192.7 and 144.5 have been added, as well as timestamps on the output to the screen and to the log file. Also added is the argument --algo, which allows you to select the Equihash option between the two values ​​144_5 and 192_7, which is mandatory for this parameter. Another argument --pers was integrated, allowing you to set the personalization string (8 characters) for the equihash algorithm, which is optional: Equihash algo uses the string "ZcashPoW" by default, many other coins also use this string, but not all, some coins use its own line, and this is all the difference, so for some coins,

Also this miner integrates devfee, which by default is 2%, but it can be changed with the -fee argument.

EWBF provides compatibility with devices with computer capabilities 5.0 and higher. Miner is compiled with CUDA 8.0 and CUDA 9.1, offering support for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Expected Performance:
Equihash 144_5 uses ~ 2.2GB of vram
GTX 1050ti ~ 12S / s
GTX 1060 ~ 20S / s
GTX 1070 ~ 30S / s
GTX 1080 ~ 35S / s
GTX 1080ti ~ 55S / s

Equihash 192_7 uses ~ 2.9GB vram

GTX 1050ti ~ 7S / s
GTX 1060 ~ 12S / s
GTX 1070 ~ 18S / s
GTX 1080 ~ 20S / s
GTX 1080ti ~ 30S / s

The latest version is EWBF miner v0.3 and contains the following optimizations, bug fixes and functions:

?? Added a new solver for Equihash 96.5 --algo 96_5
?? Added argument --color, allows to disable the color console: --color 0
?? 192_7 and 144_5 solvers 0 - 10% faster, depends on gpu
?? 192_7 require now 2.5 GB vram, it must fit into 3Gb gpu under win 10
?? 144_5 you need now 1.99 GB vram

https://bitbucket.org/rasya222/blablavl ... da%208.zip

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