Hosting and investing (better price)

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Hosting and investing (better price)

Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:39 pm

We are a large mining company in China.
We have a branch office in Toronto.
Nowadays, crypto mining is becoming a global activity. No limit on certain areas.
Thus, we want to offer hosting and investing service for people around the world.

Hosting Service:
Low hosting fee
-Antminer S9 1400W 75 USD/month(no tax)
-Antminer L3+ 800W 43 USD/month(no tax)
Low installation fee
- 6 USD per machine
Machine installed within 24 hrs
Easy and fast repair
24 hrs security and camera
Inactive to reconnected in 4 hrs
Dual-super fast Internet
All machines are welcome

Investing Service (We help you purchase and host machines in local):
Unbeatable real-time market price
No shipment cost
Fast installation
-Purchasing today
-on-line within 2 days
Hosting service benefits all included

How can you trust us?
We offer insurance and security deposit to make you safe and happy.

Contact me for more details.thx
Whatsup: 6478699369
Wechat: qaz84265qaz

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